February 2011

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Centre for Music & Arts Technology Welcome to CMAT

YOUNGSTERS can enrol on a free music course today.

The course is for children aged 12 and over who want to learn DJ skills, music production, podcasting and filming.

The free course runs from five weeks on Saturdays from 12pm to 3pm at the CMAT centre in Grosvenor Road, Handsworth.

Read More http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2011/02/26/free-music-course-for-youngsters-in-handsworth-97319-28237700/#ixzz1FG1SLwkS

16 Grosvenor Road
B20 3NP
0121 331 4746

Latest edition of Hands on Handsworth Community Magazine

Back in September and October we ran a range of workshops to try and encourgae local people to get involved in a new community journalist project. The aim of the project is to take forward the idea to create a community magazine for Handsworth written by local people. Through the neighbourhood management programme, Tracey Thorne created two pilot issues on Hands on Handsworth.

The Community Journalist Project is now being developed and facilitated by Karl Greenwood from Multistory and Brian Homer from Homer Creative. They have been supporting many local people to get involved and start writing some stories.

Down load the first editions which has been mainly written by local people. Congratulations to them for creating an interesting edition…I look forward to reading more.

HOH Issue 3 PDF

If you would like to get involved contact Karl details in the magazine attached. Or if you would like a paper copy collect from Handsworth Community Fire Station or email me your address; tracey.thorne@blueyonder.co.uk

from Hands on Handsworth by Tracey Thorne



Stephen Hughes, Eleanor Brazil, Colin Tucker, Elaine Elkington, Mark Barrow, Sharon Lea, Peter Hay, Paul Dransfield Stephen Hughes, Eleanor Brazil, Colin Tucker, Elaine Elkington, Mark Barrow, Sharon Lea, Peter Hay, Paul Dransfield

Birmingham City Council – Senior Officers salaries as at 31 October 2010

 Stephen Hughes, Chief Executive: £180,000 – £184,999

 Adults & Communities

Peter Hay, Strategic Director: £140,000 – £144,999

 Stephen Wise, Service Director Business Transformation: £90,000 – £94,999

 Jon Tomlinson, Service Director, Policy, Strategy & Commissioning: £90,000 – £94,999

 Alan Lotinga, Director, Health & Well-Being Partnership: £90,000 – £94,999

Glynis Hovell, Service Director, Older Adults: £90,000 – £94,999

Sheila Rochester, Service Director, Younger Adults: £90,000 – £94,999

James McManus, Director, Public Health: £85,000 – £89,999

Children Young People & Families

Eleanor Brazil, Transitional Strategic Director: SALARY NOT DISCLOSED

Christina Garrett, Service Director, Integrated Services: £100,000 – £104,999

Cheryl Hopkins, Service Director, Strategy & Commissioning: £100,000 – £104,999

Colin Tucker, Service Director, Childrens Social Care: £100,000 – £104,999

Jane Brown, Assistant Director, Finance & Schools Financial Services: £80,000 – £84,999

Corporate Resources

Paul Dransfield, Strategic Director: £140,000 – £144,999

 Mirza Ahmad, Director, Corporate Governance: £105,000 – £109,999

 Andrew Albon, Director, Equalities and Human Resources: £105,000 – £109,999

 Jonathan Warlow, Director, Corporate Finance: £95,000 – £99,999

 Glyn Evans, Corporate Director, Business Change: £90,000 – £94,999

 Jason Lowther, Head Of Policy & Performance, Policy and Delivery: £90,000 – £94,999

Peter Jones, Assistant Director, Property Services: £80,000 – £84,999

Paul Higgins, Assistant Director, Customer Services: £80,000 – £84,999

Steve Glaze, Head Of Intelligent Client Function, Intelligent Client Function: £80,000 – £84,999

Jean Robb, Assistant Director, Shared Services: £80,000 – £84,999

Christopher Gibbs, Assistant Director, Revenues and Benefits: £75,000 – £79,999


Mark Barrow, Strategic Director: £140,000 – £144,999

 Jacqueline Mould, Director, Birmingham Strategic Partnership: £75,000 – £79,999

Waheed Nazir, Assistant Director, Regeneration & Development Planning: £90,000 – £94,999

Simon Murphy, Project Director, City Region: £90,000 – £94,999

Stephen Vickers, General Manager, Urban Design: £90,000 – £94,999

David John Bull, Assistant Director, Development Strategy: £80,000 – £84,999

Trevor Haynes, Assistant Director, Building Consultancy: £75,000 – £79,999

Jack Glonek, Assistant Director, Investment Enterprise & Employment: £75,000 – £79,999

Jennifer Inglis, Director, City Centre Management: £75,000 – £79,999

Environment & Culture

Sharon Lea, Strategic Director: £140,000 – £144,999

 John Blakemore, Chief Highway Engineer, Highways: £105,000 – £109,999

 Thomas Wallace, Director, Fleet & Waste Management: £95,000 – £99,999

 Penelope Smith, Assistant Director, Leisure and Support Services: £90,000 – £94,999

 Brian Gambles, Assistant Director, Strategic Services: £75,000 – £79,999

 Stephen Hollingworth, Assistant Director, Sports & Events: £75,000 – £79,999

Housing & Constituencies

Elaine Elkington, Strategic Director: £140,000 – £144,999

Ifor Jones, Director, Constituencies: £90,000 – £94,999

Helen Marson, Assistant Director, Housing Services: £80,000 – £84,999

Louise Collett, Assistant Director, Housing Strategy & Development: £80,000 – £84,999

Robert Brown, Assistant Director, Housing – Asset Management & Maintenance: £75,000 – £79,999

Sukvinder Kalsi, Assistant Director – Finance, Housing: £75,000 – £79,999

Jacqueline Russell, Director, Community Safety: £75,000 – £79,999

Ann Brookes, Head Of Governance & Facilities, Transformation: £70,000 – £74,999

Sheila Espin, Senior Directorate Manager, Transformation: £70,000 – £74,999

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  The Mobile Library comes to Handsworth every fortnight on Saturday mornings. 10.00am-10.30am at Junction Road.

 The next visit will be on Saturday 5th March and below are some of the services they offer.
*A range of adult fiction in regular and large print
*Asian language books: Urdu, Bengali and Punjabi
*Local and council information
*Special collections: local history, parenting and ESOL
 And if there’s a book you want and they haven’t got it they can order it and reserve it for you.
To join all you have to do is bring something along which confirms your name and home address.

For further information telephone 0121 464 6171 or email mobile.library.service@birmingham.gov.uk

Birmingham’s comedy festival for kids returns to Central Library with a packed programme of free comedy acts and wacky workshops over the half term holidays.

Gigglefest, which runs from 19 to 26 February, includes workshops, silly stories, magic, daft crafts, potty poets and puppets, an open mic session, a chocolate eating contest and some of the country’s best stand up comedy for kids.

Amongst those performing and leading workshops will be poets John Hegley and Murray Lachlan Young and comedienne Barbara Nice.  CBBC’s Dan and Jeff’s Potted Panto has already sold out.  With puppet shows for the under fives, improvisational comedy for the over elevens and plenty of events suitable for the whole family, tots, teens, mums, dads and grandparents will all find something to tickle their funny bones.

For more information on Gigglefest call 0121 303 2421, or visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/gigglefest

Full programme of events

Saturday 19 February

  • 10.30am-12noon So You Want To Be Funny?
  • 11-11.45am  Super Silly Storytime
  • 12 Noon-1pm  The Noise Next Door
  • 12.30-1.30pm  Creaky Knee Stories presents ‘ The Roald Dahl Experience’
  • 2.15pm   Alan Seaman followed by Patrick Monahan

Monday 21 February

  • 11am-12 noon  Make a Giant Cartoon Strip with The Crazy Comic Club!
  • 12.15-12.45pm Laurence and Brian’s Big Laughter Show Part Two: The Sequel – Funnier Than Before (Just!)
  • 2.45pm  The Two Amandas
  • 1-2pm   Ian Billings
  • 2-2.30pm  Chocolate Eating Competition
  • 2.30-4pm  Crazy Comic Club! – Comic Art Workshop

Tuesday 22 February

  • 10-10.45am Giggle-Go-Round: Physical Comedy Workshops with Jane Sutcliffe for the under 5s
  • 10.45-11.30am Giggle-Go-Round: Physical Comedy Workshops with Jane Sutcliffe for 5-7 year olds
  • 11.15am-12 noon Tallulah Swirls Puppet Theatre presents “Mavis and the Green Giant from Outer Space”
  • 1-1.45pm  Mark Waddington
  • 2-2.45pm  Tallulah Swirls Puppet Theatre presents “Susie Sparkle”
  • 12 noon  James Campbell

Wednesday 23 February

  • 11am   Spoz
  • 12 noon  Gez Walsh
  • 1pm   Murray Lachlan Young – Modern Cautionary Tales for Children
  • 2-3pm    John Hegley
  • 4-5.40pm   Potted Panto Starring CBBC’s Dan & Jeff  SOLD OUT

Thursday 24 February

  • 11-11.30am  Super Silly Storytime
  • 11am-12.30pm  Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Barbara Nice
  • 1-1.45pm   Kids Open Mic
  • 1.30-3pm   Acting Funny!
  • 2-2.30pm   Liam Jones & Harriet Dyer
  • 2.30-4pm   Daft Craft with Lorna Rose

Friday 25 February

  • 11-11.30am   Super Silly Storytime
  • 11.30am-12 noon  Laurence and Brian’s Big Laughter Show Part Two: The Sequel – Funnier Than Before (Just!)
  • 11am-12 noon   Musical Comedy Workshop with Jay Foreman
  • 12.45pm   Chris and Dave Present…
  • 1-2pm    Janice Phayre & Friends

Saturday, 26 February

  • 10.30-11am   Clive Chandler’s Punch and Judy Show
  • 12.45-1.15pm   Clive Chandler’s Punch and Judy Show
  • 2.30-3pm   Clive Chandler’s Punch and Judy Show
  • 11.30am-12.30pm  Debutots present “Frowny Clown Finds His Smile”
  • 1.30-2.30pm   Chris White
  • 3-3.45pm   Matt Pritchard

Birmingham Central Library

Residents that generally used the public walkway between the Booth St Metro Station and George St in the Soho Finger locality of the Soho Ward have commended the Soho Finger Neighbourhood Forum for their efforts in making the area a safe place once again. To quote one resident ” the forum members have always been proactive at addressing our concerns, the walkway feels much safer with improved lighting and now that the bushes have been cut back I feel much safer”  

Over the past twelve months there has been an increased in robbery and other anti social behaviour in this area, working in partnership British Transport Police, West Midlands Police, Centro, Ward Councillors, Residents and Soho Neighbourhood Management team have put in place measures that have now seen a reduction.  

In the Summer of 2010 , residents attending the Soho Neighbourhood Forum meetings raised concerns about mugging and assults that has taken place along the walkway and had demanded that something is done immediately to alleviate the problem in hand. Measures to tackle these  issues was then implemented by both of the police team mentioned above, and also the Soho Neighbourhood Tasking Group.  

Overgrown areaOvergrown area along Walkway

Hotspot and area once occupied by rough sleepersHotspot

Following a series of  meetings between the Neighbourhood Manager, Forum Chair, BCC Planning Officer and Centro team, action was taken to cut back overgrown bushes which had become  hotspots for criminals to lay wait their victims.  

The clearance of the land was the responsibility of Centro who have work closely with key partners and residents to put measures in place toward addressing residents concerns.

Transforming CommunitiesTransformed Area

Ongoing surveillance will be carried out in and around the Metro station to ensure safety of local residents, the Police have identified the area as a priority and is working with key partners to make the area safe. To quote the Soho Finger Neighbourhood Forum Chair ” we will not tolerate criminal activities or anti social behaviour in our neighbourhood , so through our actions we will continue  to give  crime the Soho Finger”

Making a differenceTransformed area -2

from Soho Neighbourhood by Colin Hanno


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