Residents that generally used the public walkway between the Booth St Metro Station and George St in the Soho Finger locality of the Soho Ward have commended the Soho Finger Neighbourhood Forum for their efforts in making the area a safe place once again. To quote one resident ” the forum members have always been proactive at addressing our concerns, the walkway feels much safer with improved lighting and now that the bushes have been cut back I feel much safer”  

Over the past twelve months there has been an increased in robbery and other anti social behaviour in this area, working in partnership British Transport Police, West Midlands Police, Centro, Ward Councillors, Residents and Soho Neighbourhood Management team have put in place measures that have now seen a reduction.  

In the Summer of 2010 , residents attending the Soho Neighbourhood Forum meetings raised concerns about mugging and assults that has taken place along the walkway and had demanded that something is done immediately to alleviate the problem in hand. Measures to tackle these  issues was then implemented by both of the police team mentioned above, and also the Soho Neighbourhood Tasking Group.  

Overgrown areaOvergrown area along Walkway

Hotspot and area once occupied by rough sleepersHotspot

Following a series of  meetings between the Neighbourhood Manager, Forum Chair, BCC Planning Officer and Centro team, action was taken to cut back overgrown bushes which had become  hotspots for criminals to lay wait their victims.  

The clearance of the land was the responsibility of Centro who have work closely with key partners and residents to put measures in place toward addressing residents concerns.

Transforming CommunitiesTransformed Area

Ongoing surveillance will be carried out in and around the Metro station to ensure safety of local residents, the Police have identified the area as a priority and is working with key partners to make the area safe. To quote the Soho Finger Neighbourhood Forum Chair ” we will not tolerate criminal activities or anti social behaviour in our neighbourhood , so through our actions we will continue  to give  crime the Soho Finger”

Making a differenceTransformed area -2

from Soho Neighbourhood by Colin Hanno