A BIRMINGHAM school choir has become an internet sensation after nearly 150,000 people tuned in for their cover of a heavy metal classic.

Wattville Primary School in Handsworth has become a real-life School of Rock after pupils recorded a video version of the Iron Maiden hit Flight of Icarus. Year 5 pupils swapped their school uniforms for leather jackets and air guitars to film their cover of the classic, which has been watched by more than 137,000 people in just one week after the video was posted on YouTube.

The children’s cover, which started out as part of a school project on Ancient Greece, has even had the seal of approval from Iron Maiden themselves, after the band put the video on their official Facebook site.

Wattville teacher and self-confessed heavy metal fan Ellie Yucel taught the children the song with fellow teacher Theresa Footes.

Ellie said: “We can’t believe how successful the video has been.

“We usually sing hymns and folk songs, but we wanted to do something different with the kids for our project on ancient Greece, so Flight of Icarus, about the Greek myth of Icarus, was perfect.

“We played the song to the pupils and after they’d heard it once or twice they began to hum and sing along.
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