June 2011

St James Medical Centre

Staff from St James Medical Centre, Handsworth, Birmingham  are concerned that the 2270 patients they provide a GP service to have not been notified by the Primary Care Trust about the disbandment of their family Doctor’s.

The patients are fighting to keep the staff team together.

A Public Meeting was held on Monday 20th June 2011 at St James Church and the 68 patients who attended were very upset that the Medical Staff are not being allowed to be re-located as a Team locally by the PCT.  They are hoping to overturn the PCT’s decision by getting all of the patients to sign a petition.

A patient said “forcing the team to separate is not right or fair.  As a patient I want to see the doctors and nurses of my choice, not to be forced by the PCT. Everyone in my family are angry and upset on hearing the news. The PCT have to have a patient consultation because the care we are receiving currently is excellent.  My Granddad (77) has been coming here for many years and to move him to new doctors and nurses will have a dramatic effect on his health”

 If you would like to show your support to St James Medical  Team, there is another meeting on Monday 27th June at St James Church Tea Room 12pm-1pm.  

You can also show your support by leaving a comment.

HECTOR Pinkney, known to his neighbourhood as “Mr Handsworth”, has been given the Royal seal of approval in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The modest 58-year-old said news of the MBE made his “heart tremble” after years of devoting himself to the inner-city community.

Hector Pinkney 

He features in a long list of gongs for the great and the good of Birmingham and the West Midlands. Among them triple jumper and Olympics silver medallist Phillips Idowu, aged 32, who trains under Birchfield Harrier Aston Moore, in Birmingham, and has also picked up an MBE.

 By day, granddad Hector works as a security officer at Handsworth Library but his countless duties and network of contacts have made him the go-to man for people across the area.

Events he’s behind include a weekly running club and exercise classes for the Soho Elders’ Group. He set up a karate club and organises benefit nights. He has also become a youth mentor and helps the library hold talent competitions and live music events.

He said: There are a lot more people in the community who deserve a lot more. I know I just do my best whatever I do.”

Handsworth’s reputation as a “no-go area” would be lifted by the award, he said. Hector’s family has been involved in community work since arriving in Handsworth from Jamaica in 1962.

He worked with his sister Dolores helping young people on the Dojo community project. His late mother Mavis used to run an informal youth club from the front room of her home in Leonard Road back in the 1960s and she campaigned to launch the Muhammad Ali Centre.

The building in Hockley is now derelict but Hector is hoping to get it back open.

“My mum brought me here to make a life,” he added. “She shines down on me in everything I do and she would be saying ‘well done son, that’s why I brought you up to be a good lad’.”

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Read More http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2011/06/11/mr-handsworth-hector-pinkney-awarded-mbe-in-queen-s-birthday-honours-97319-28858176/#ixzz1P5bc1FTS

from birminghamnewsroom.comby SimonH


Birmingham City Council has issued a warning to residents to be extra vigilant about giving personal details out on the telephone, including bank details, after a spate of reports about suspicious phone calls made to homes within the city this afternoon (Wednesday 1st June).

 In each reported incident callers have claimed to be ringing from either a bank or the council, and have asked residents to confirm their bank and personal details in order that ‘overpayed’ bank/council charges can be repaid.

 Neil Eustace, Chair of the Public Protection Committee, said: “We urge members of the public to never, in any circumstances, give out personal or banking details to anyone making an unsolicited call or visit to their home.

 “If you do receive any such calls it is always advisable to triple check the identity of the caller before you engage in any conversation with them, by for example arranging to call them back, then looking up the official number for your bank or council first.”

 One lady who contacted the Council this afternoon said: “” I received a call from a lady claiming to be from the treasury department in London informing me I had been selected to have a council tax refund of £7000 due to paying my council tax on time.  She asked to confirm my details, which she claimed she had on file already, and my  date of birth.

 The resident refused to give these details and instead contacted Birmingham Trading Standards, who have received several similar calls over the past 24 hours.

 The City Council will always write to customers regarding any financial matters/or monies owed by either party in the first instance, and will never make unsolicited calls asking for personal details to be confirmed.

For more information please contact Simon Houltby on 0121 303 3503

1 June 2011

POLICE in Birmingham are targeting illegal street drinkers in Soho today and tomorrow.

Officers from the Soho neighbourhood policing team will be patrolling Soho Road and nearby parks to enforce alcohol exclusion zones following a rise in complaints from local people.

Local officers will be patrolling with officials from the city council’s anti-social behaviour unit and rough sleepers team to gather evidence, enforce the exclusion zone and offer support to vulnerable people.

The multi-agency team are also using the days to gather evidence on prolific offenders with a view to securing civil injunctions.

The action comes after residents raised their concerns about the number of people dinking alcohol in public places contrary to a local ban.

Keen to tackle the problem, local officers have listed the issue as a top priority for the area.

People wishing to highlight on-going problems in their neighbourhood should call their local neighbourhood policing team on 0345 113 5000.

Officers on patrol on Soho Road

For the full report http://www.west-midlands.police.uk/np/Birminghamwestandcentral/news/newsitem.asp?id=3339